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How to Spend a Weekend in Madrid - Written By Someone Who Lived There

My apologies in advance for the obnoxious title, living abroad is my personality trait. But if you're reading this, it probably means you've got a weekend trip to Madrid planned, which is really exciting! Madrid is such a fun city, and you're gonna have the best time. After living there for awhile, I've come up with what I would consider my ideal weekend trip. If I were to show anyone around the city for the weekend, this would probably be the itinerary I'd follow.


12PM: Arrive sometime mid-day. Depending on where you're coming from, you'll probably arrive at either Madrid Barajas Airport or Atocha Station. Take the metro or an Uber to your hotel, Airbnb or hostel, located somewhere in the city center.

3PM: If you're early and have some time, take a walk around Sol and Plaza Mayor. While you're exploring Plaza Mayor, stop inside the famous Mercado de San Miguel and grab some tapas. Go back to your hotel to get ready for your first night out in Madrid.

9PM: Go out to dinner! I'll be making a guide on where to eat in Madrid in the future, so be on the lookout for that. Make a reservation at Ochenta Grados for some killer tapas in a cool, modern setting.

11PM: Enjoy some post-dinner cocktails at Azotea del Circulo, Madrid's best rooftop bar, or Salmon Guru, a cool, speakeasy-style cocktail bar.

Don't stay out too late! You've got a big day of sightseeing tomorrow.


10AM: Start your day off right with a cafe con leche and a pan con tomate at your local cafe. Head out to the Reina Sofia afterwards, where you'll spend a relaxing morning enjoying beautiful art.

2PM: After the Reina Sofia, grab lunch at nearby Bodegas Rosell for a traditional Spanish lunch experience. Eat a big lunch and try different things!

4PM: After your lunch and following siesta, head back out into the city to catch your tour of the Royal Palace (that you've hopefully booked online ahead of time!).

6PM: After spending an afternoon exploring the beautiful palace and it's grounds, head up to the Temple of Debod to catch the sunset. Grab some drinks and a picnic blanket and spend some time enjoying the park!

8PM: Head back to your accommodation to get ready for your big night out. ;)

10PM: Head over to your dinner reservation at Juana La Loca, a fun tapas bar in the lively La Latina neighborhood.

11PM: Spend the night tapas/bar hopping on Calle Cava Baja, a street well-known for it's nightlife. Check out the bar 'Hopper' while you're there!

2AM: This is when you head to the clubs. Check out the main ones, Club Joy or Kapital, or just meet some cool people and see where the night takes you. If it's your first time in Madrid, it's worth checking out Joy or Kapital. Make sure to stop by Chocolateria San Gines for some dope churros after a night at Club Joy, they're open 24 hours (and they're amazing).


12PM: Nurse your hangover with a delicious brunch at Cafe Federal, my favorite spot.

2PM: Enjoy a nice Sunday walk in Retiro Park, Madrid's best. Walk around and explore the park, and take a boat out on the pond if you're up for it. Just spend the rest of your afternoon before your flight/train/bus exploring the park - it's my favorite in Madrid by far!

So that's it, that's my ideal Madrid weekend itinerary. Follow this or don't, or even just use it as a guide for the next time you're in Madrid. Let me know if there's anything important that I missed, I tried not to leave out any of the essentials!

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