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Euro City Guides: Segovia

Some may think of Segovia as just a day trip from Madrid, but I'm here to tell you why you should stay here longer. I decided to come here on a long weekend from Madrid, and ended up spending 4 full days in this magical little city. This old city in the mountains has a lot to offer, and you'll feel like you've fully stepped back in time while walking around and exploring, and in some places it'll feel as if you've been transported to an old, medieval, village. There may not be as many sites here as in the larger cities of Spain, but this gem of Castilla y Leon is a great place to relax and spend a weekend away from the city. Interested in booking a tour? Check some out here.

Segovia definitely ranks in my top 5 places to visit in Spain, as it's really naturally beautiful, mountainous town. The architecture is insane, and the views are incredible. It's quite hilly, so wander around and discover some of the city's best lookout points. It's also quite rural, so it's pretty chilled in that sense. Don't expect to sit down and eat anywhere during siesta, and don't expect any place to be open on Sunday. If you're looking for a cute, relaxing little getaway in the mountains while not going too far from Madrid, you've come to the right place.


Segovia is a super quick trip from Madrid, only about 30 minutes by train. I took the Renfe from Chamartin Station, which is the only station you can take the train to Segovia from. There are also multiple bus lines that come here, which will drop you off closer to Segovia's city center. The train station is a bit far out of town, which is the only downside to taking the train. The only two major cities in Spain that are directly connected to Segovia via bus or train (I believe) are Salamanca and Madrid. It's very easy and affordable to get to, which makes it easy. Lots of tour groups will offer guided tours from Madrid for a fee, but they're usually day trips. These can be a good way to go depending on your schedule, but like I said, I highly recommend spending at least a couple days here! Once you're in the city it's super walkable, so make sure to book a place somewhere central and just walk everywhere. I stayed in an Airbnb in the old Jewish Quarter, which was the perfect place to stay.

Sightseeing: It may not be world-renowned for it's sightseeing, but Segovia has some beautiful sites to see. I'd recommend taking a couple days to do everything. My favorite part about coming here was just wandering around and finding random old churches and buildings and cool vistas, which you'll find plenty of here. Nevertheless, the sites here are amazing and I recommend seeing all of them.

  • Alcazar de Segovia & Torre de Juan II: This is Segovia's main site to see, and what most people visit the city for. This is one of the famous palaces that Walt Disney is said to have based his famous Sleeping Beauty castle off of. It honestly looks like a magical fairytale castle on the outside, and the inside is full of elaborate rooms, terraces, and hallways to explore. Once you finish your tour of the Alcazar, climb up the Torre de Juan II, which requires a separate ticket. This gives you great views of the city from the top of the palace! Definitely make the Alcazar your primary stop in Segovia, you won't regret it. And if you're gonna come here for a day, make this your priority! Price: 8€ for both tickets. Book a tour here!

  • El Acueducto: The ruins of this ancient Roman aqueduct are still very much in tact in Segovia's city center. After winding through the narrow streets of the city from the Alcazar, you will end up in Plaza Azuguego, where you can see the Aqueduct in all it's glory. The plaza is probably the best place to see the Aqueduct, but you can also climb up the stairs on the left and get nice views of it from above. Price: Free.

  • Iglesia de Vera Cruz: Walking up to one of the city's viewpoints, I stumbled on this little church out in the countryside. I decided to go inside, and it was really beautiful! While it was very small and only took a few minutes, I recommend stopping by while you're on your way to any of the viewpoints. Price: Free.

  • Mirador del Alcazar y los Dos Valles: There are plenty of tourist viewpoints, but this one was recommended by someone I know who grew up in Segovia, and it was by far the best view of the city that I saw. You have to hike up a hill and it's a bit hard to find, but it's usually empty and you get great views of the Alcazar, the cathedral, and the rest of the city.

  • Catedral de Segovia: This is another one of the main sites to see in Segovia. It's a beautiful old cathedral, but if you've been traveling around Spain you're probably used to seeing plenty of those! It's definitely worth checking out if you're in Segovia though, it's in the same gothic style as Toledo, Salamanca, and many other cities in the north of Spain. Price: 3€. Book a guided tour, including the tower, here.


Segovia has some really great places to eat. This region is known for it's food, and there are plenty of must-try restaurants. Most of it is traditionally Spanish, but it's still quite easy to find what you're looking for here, and there's something for everyone. I'm a vegetarian, so most of my recommendations will be based on that. If you are vegetarian as well, I'd recommend booking places to eat ahead of time/calling ahead to make sure there's stuff you can eat! Overall, I ate some delicious meals and I'd recommend trying a variety of stuff while you're here.

  • La Postal: About a 10 minute drive out of town, this beautiful restaurant overlooks the city of Segovia and the Alcazar, which is all lit up at night. It's a great spot to go for a nice dinner on the fancier side. The food was incredible, and the atmosphere didn't disappoint. Make a reservation for the train car, you'll be seated in an old train car on the side of a hill with amazing views. The food is Spanish but with a modern twist, and more centered toward fine-dining. *Make a res.*

  • Trattoria Pizzeria da Mario: This Italian place has two locations, and is one of the most highly recommended places for Italian food in Segovia. I unfortunately didn't make it here in time for lunch, but was able to enjoy some pizza and beer by the Aqueduct, which was a highlight.

  • La Almuzara: This place specializes in vegetarian food, and has a lot of unique and healthy options. Cool vibes, and great for any vegetarians and vegans out there who wanna try everything on the menu! *Make a res.*

  • Tuma: One of the best meals I had this weekend! This cool Mediterranean restaurant is located in the Plaza de Azuguego, and has great views of the Aqueduct. The food is amazing, and the atmosphere is chill and cozy. Order the hummus!!

Drink: Segovia has some pretty fun nightlife. Despite being a small city, the plazas are full of life at night and there's plenty to do. You can hang out at the tapas bars and drink beer or tempranillo all night, or you can go out to more clubby bars if that's your vibe. Here are some of my recs, but check out the city for yourself! I ended up going to a few tapas bars that I don't remember the names of, those were all really fun.

  • Diablo Cojuelo: Just to preface, this isn't actually a bar, or even a restaurant. However, this wine shop has a great selection of local wines, all coming from the surrounding region of Castilla y Leon. The staff was really friendly and helpful, and they have other regional products (like nuts or cheeses) that you can purchase for souvenirs. If you like tempranillo, you'll love the bottle of 'Le Meprise' that they sell. Ask the staff what they recommend.

  • La Bodega del Barbero: This wine bar is slightly hidden just off the main street. They have a great selection of local wines. It's a simple, cozy spot that I recommend for a chill glass of wine.

  • Shout Bar: When you walk over here, you'll pass a lot of other bars and clubs, and it seems like this is the area to go if you're trying to have ~a night~. This is one of the more popular bars in Segovia, and honestly it's just really fun. Come here to start your night!

I love Segovia, and I hope you do too. Even if you're only visiting for a day, just being here in this old city in the mountains has a really special charm to it, and you'll fall in love once you experience it. Like always, please let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see! I will be doing more Euro City Guides in the future, including more cities outside of Spain. Feel free to reach out or comment with any other questions on Segovia!

Check out my album on Flickr for more pics of this cool little city.

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